SweetSoft brings together only the best iOS, Android, and Web app developers so you can outsource your project and get a top-quality product.

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Outsource your project & reach the highest result

Outsourcing means that you are hiring a company to develop the solution you need based on requirements you have. Your software development outsourcing partner is responsible for the project workflow and manages it from A to Z. You don’t have to worry about the qualified team, equipment and resources. Just concentrate on business operations while your custom solution will be delivered to you, tested and ready to be used.

Are You Ready to Start Your Project?

At SweetSoft we can develop your product from start to finish, or handle individual segments of the process for you. We offer world class software product development services from requirements and systems analysis, architecture and design to development, testing, migration, and deployment.

Working Flow

  1. Sending a Request

    You prepare a request with project requirements. Just necessary information that will help us to understand how we can help you, for example: stack, timeframes, approximate budget, etc.

  2. Project quote in 2 days

    We will conduct an analysis of your request, as well as collect an evaluation from our experts, whose skills are best suited to your project goals.

  3. Guarantee aspect

    We sign an NDA agreement. It ensures that SweetSoft is fully responsible for the quality delivery of your product. We set milestones and expectations to help your project stay on track.

  4. Secure Development

    Using a proven custom methodology that eliminates risks of delays or errors, we manage and monitor your project till the end to ensure delivery excellence. The dedicated account manager is there for you at all the time.

  5. All Time Support

    SweetSoft provides product support whenever you need during the work on the project. We always trying to our best to ensure you, that it works indefectible.


image descriptionReduced operating expenses

For all types of business, minimizing expenses is one of the surest ways of enhancing growth. The fact that you don’t have to buy equipment and other supplies means that the overall cost is drastically reduced. We always trying to hear our clients and to understand their budget opportunities, that’s why SweetSoft offer its services at a reasonable price.

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Business owners can appreciate the opportunity to hire an outsourcing company only when needed. It is far cheaper than paying a full-time in-house programmer or having to hire and fire software developers all year round.

image descriptionTime-saving

Outsourcing offers lots of potentials particularly when working within a tight deadline. Do you need more hands working on the project? One way to speed up the process is to outsource your work to specialized people who can work within your timeframe.

image descriptionExposure to new talent

By outsourcing part of the business to software SweetSoft, your business gets access to new talents. When you have access to skilled software developers from all around the world, you can streamline the entire process and have an easier time designing, integrating and implementing new projects.

image descriptionFocusing on core business processes

In a situation where your staff is overloaded with work, software outsourcing can help to manage software development so that your staff can then focus on key business functions. Since SweetSoft will be handling all the hard work, your staff will have more time to work on tasks like marketing, content management, customer service, and other essential services.

image descriptionManaging resources

Since your in-house team has a wealth of resources to perform specific tasks, you probably find it necessary to monitor the usage of resources and any arising challenges from outside the business. By outsourcing your project to SweetSoft, you can examine core aspects of the business from an unbiased source.

Why SweetSoft?


High-Quality Services

IT outsourcing allows the customer to receive high-quality services in the field of informatization by reducing their administrative costs. During the work on the project such aspects like ensuring the stable operation of the IT system, it's scaling, protection against failures and the solution of force majeure situations will be on our company side, at the same time freeing the customer of maintaining its own IT department.


Talented Software Development Team

Talented Software Development Team IT outsourcing is a good fit when you need to hire an entire software development team including project managers and business analysts. As far as global trends in Information Technology, software outsourcing is definitely at the top of the list. The ability to transfer technological needs to 3rd parties is very appealing to companies who want to stay in the race of delivering high-quality software with the help of talented developers around the world.