SweetSoft makes easy to hire experienced software developers & removing the need to open local office or deal with great amount of management work.

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Dedicated development team since 2007

Outstaffing means that you hire a dedicated team of skilled professionals that work remotely on your project under your supervision. In most cases the team works together with your in-house programmers, strengthening your project. You control your remote programmers’ productivity and workflow and give them tasks according to your needs. The outstaffing software development company takes responsibility for finding professionals you need, employing them and administering.

Find best IT talents

SweetSoft will help to grow your tech capabilities with a dedicated development team.

How To Build Your Outstaffing Team

  1. Get In Touch

    Start the process. Make contact with us via email or phone. Or just fill up request form on our site.

  2. Discuss Needs

    Choose one of our specialist. Talk to one of our experienced and knowledgeable representatives about your team needs.

  3. Approve a Team

    Approve the team we build for you.

  4. Sign an NDA agreement

    Sign an agreement that defines goals and process needs.

  5. Watch Business Grow

    Now focus on building your business & enjoy valuable time while we take care of the daily tasks that were previously taking up by yourself or your team members.


image description More control

The end client gets more control over the development process since he or she is directly managing the development team.

image description Lower costs than with outsourcing

Since there are more management work and responsibility on the client’s side, outstaffing usually tends to be a cheaper option than outsourcing.

image description No employees

As we have already explained, your chosen outstaffing firm acts the employer of your remote development team. Therefore, you don’t have any employees, legally speaking.

image description Development cost savings

Companies who choose outstaffing often enjoy significant cost savings. For instance, clients of SweetSoft enjoy up to 60% of savings.

What can you Expect

SweetSoft is a data-driven company enabling digital transformation for tech businesses globally.


Large Talent Pool

Our delivery centers in the United States, Ukraine & Montenegro allow your business to tap into the largest IT talent pools that amount to over 100 professionals.


Scale Your Business

SweetSoft builds and hosts client-dedicated development teams and centers helping fast-growing companies to scale and develop their business in the long-run.


Into New Expertise

SweetSoft experts are always ready to help leading software companies or smaller businesses to implement technology transformations.